A Call to Christian Formation: How Theology Makes Sense of Our World

Shows that theology is integrally related to formation in Jesus Christ and to our conception and perception of reality.
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ISBN: 9781540960689
  • Author CLARK, JOHN C.
  • Pub Date 20/07/2021
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 224
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Southwestern Journal of Theology 2021 Book of the Year Award (Honorable Mention, Applied Theology/Ethics)

This book shows that theology is both integrally related to formation in Jesus Christ and shapes our understanding of the world. Christian formation is incomplete and impossible without theological formation, because Christ transforms our hearts and minds, attuning them to the reality of God. As the authors explore the deep connections between theology and the life of the Christian, they emphasize Christian formation as a defining feature of the church, arguing that theology must be integrally connected to the church's traditions and practices.