A Second Chance: Breaking Free From The Cycle Of Addiction And Bad Choices

Simon Williams' incredible story shows how Jesus Christ transformed his life from a cycle of addiction and imprisonment to freedom and a meaningful future.
Publisher: UNKNOWN: 978178893
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ISBN: 9781788933209
  • Pub Date 11/08/2023
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 208
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Simon Williams' life was dominated by alcohol, illegal drugs, fraud and theft. After countless crazy escapades, including crossing a mine-field without mishap, he is caught by the authorities and imprisoned in Israel.

Every now and then he notices how his life seems to have been protected and cared for. But who is looking out for him?

Imprisonment does not change him, and he ends up back in prison in the UK. When his home life begins to break down, he tries to wean himself off his old habits - but can't. In despair, he shouts out to God for help.

Within a few weeks Simon finds himself unable to take cocaine, and his life is now radically changed for the better as he gets to know the God that has always looked after him.

Content Benefits:

Simon's story shows how God can change peoples' lives, no matter what their past, and extend forgiveness and restoration for a hopeful future.

* A gripping story of a life transformed from drugs and prison
* Recounts how God turned a life around
* Shows how God is powerfully at work today
* Helpful for anyone looking for hope in dire situations
* Ideal resource for anyone involved in prison ministry
* Great book to introduce Jesus to others
* Perfect for anyone who loves Christian testimonies