A Year With Timothy Keller: Selected Daily Readings

Fix your eyes on Jesus each day with a bite-sized theological thought from beloved late pastor and theologian, Timothy Keller
Publisher: UNKNOWN
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ISBN: 9781399814522
  • Pub Date 09/11/2023
  • Binding Hardback
  • Pages 384
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Shortly before he died in May 2023, Timothy Keller had an idea for a devotional - a day-by-day quiet time companion comprised of extracts from his most well-loved books. The motivation was to create an easy way for new readers to get a taste of Tim's writing if they weren't sure where to start. Following his sad passing, A YEAR WITH TIMOTHY KELLER has been carefully curated to be the perfect bedside devotional for both new and long-time admirers of Tim's words and wisdom.

Moving through the themes of Tim's writing over the years, the devotional spends a week or a fortnight in each book, touching on subjects such as wisdom, forgiveness, the hope of the resurrection, loving our neighbour and the importance of work.

Each extract begins with a Bible verse from the NIV 2011 to frame each thought for the day.