An Introduction To Christian Theology

This revised and updated An Introduction to Christian Theology invites readers into the journey of Christian theology through a biblical, historical, and thematic presentation that is attentive to contemporary context. Comprehensive in scope, the book provides tools (a glossary, sidebars, diagrams, images) to aid understanding and application.
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ISBN: 9781108810784
  • Pub Date 03/11/2022
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 686
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Far from being solely an academic enterprise, the practice of theology can pique the interest of anyone who wonders about the meaning of life. This introduction to Christian theology - exploring its basic concepts, confessional content, and history - emphasizes the relevance of the key convictions of Christian faith to the challenges of today's world. Part I introduces the project of Christian theology and sketches the critical context that confronts Christian thought and practice today. Part II offers a survey of the key doctrinal themes of Christian theology, including revelation, the triune God, and the world as creation, identifying their biblical basis and the highlights of their historical development before giving a systematic evaluation of each theme. Part III provides an overview of Christian theology from the early church to the present. Thoroughly revised and updated, the second edition of An Introduction to Christian Theology includes a range of new visual and pedagogical features, including images, diagrams, tables, and more than eighty text boxes, which call attention to special emphases, observations, and applications to help deepen student engagement.