And the Word Became... a Sermon: A Practical Guide to Biblical Expository Preaching

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ISBN: 9781857927672
  • Author NEWTON, DEREK
  • Pub Date 21/05/2003
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 280
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There is a steady stream of sermons delivered across the world, week by week. Amidst this flow of speech from the church's pulpits a frightening number of listeners remain essentially unfed and unchanged by what they hear even in churches that give strong recognition to the inspiration and authority of scripture, the lives of many sermon hearers fail to show real evidence of transformation.

A large proportion can be classified under the following categories 1. Hobby Horse; 2. Rocket; 3. Heart-on-the-sleeve; 4. Skyscraper; 5. Grasshopper.

What sort of sermons do you deliver?