Asceticism And The Eucharist: Exploring Orthodox Spirituality With Metropolitan John Zizioulas

An outstanding exploration of Orthodox spirituality centering on the key themes of the Eucharist and asceticism. Fr Maxym Lysack recruits the teachings of the celebrated Orthodox theologian John Zizioulas as our guide on this journey, sometimes critiquing him, often affirming him, and always allowing him to be a point of reference in the study.
Publisher: DLT
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ISBN: 9781913657888
  • Author LYSACK, MAXYM
  • Pub Date 31/01/2024
  • Binding Hardback
  • Pages 256
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Guided by the teachings of celebrated Orthodox theologian Metropolitan John Zizioulas, this outstanding volume by Maxym Lysack demonstrates the twin importance to Orthodox spiritual theology of asceticism (usually practised as a personal discipline) and the Eucharist (the corporate celebration that makes us one with God as Church), and also the essential complementarity of the two approaches.