Being with God: The Absurdity, Necessity, and Neurology of Contemplative Prayer

Pastor and spiritual formation expert AJ Sherrill exposes the effects of living in a world full of noise and anxiety. He shows how quiet and contemplation are crucial not only for spiritual growth but also for mental health, and helps us integrate practices of solitude into our daily lives.
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ISBN: 9781587434730
  • Author SHERRILL, AJ
  • Pub Date 19/10/2021
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 176
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All fruitful doing must begin with being. For many Christians, it's easy to be swept up into the fast pace of modern life, desiring to do much for God. But we struggle to slow down and be with God.

According to pastor, Enneagram teacher, and author AJ Sherrill, being with God is what empowers doing for God. Sherrill shares his own journey from "busy" Christianity to the ancient paths of contemplative practices. He equips readers to integrate rhythms of stillness, silence, and solitude, offering step-by-step guidance and examples of finding solitude both personally and on retreats.
Sherrill warns that making these changes appears absurd in a society where time is money, productivity is central, and hurry is a way of life. He guides readers gently through the beginning and often confusing stages of contemplative practice. Citing timely insights from the world of neurology and mental health, he shows that solitude is crucial not only for Christian growth but also for holistic flourishing. Foreword by Rich Villodas.

Readers will emerge, centered in Christ, well on their way to this goal: slow down, pay attention, be still, and be loved.