Bible In Ten: Any Book Of The Bible Cracked In Ten Minutes Or Less

For anyone who wants to crack open the Bible, poet, broadcaster and teacher Dave Kitchen provides a lively introduction to every single book in ten minutes or less.
Publisher: UNKNOWN: 978180039
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ISBN: 9781800391512
  • Pub Date 17/02/2023
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 288
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Bible in Ten is for everyone who wants to be connected with all that is unexpected, beautiful and astonishing in the Bible. It tells the stories of success and failure, suffering and hope, home and exile, and a love that is stronger than death.

Here are 67 short, sharp snapshots covering every corner of a book that people sometimes don't know quite as well as they think they do. It's a way into a volume that is often on the shelves but far less frequently taken off them.

The Bible is packed with advice, stories and promises that cry out to be heard. This book gives people a real chance to take the words off the page and into their own world.