Broken Signposts

In this deeply insightful extended meditation on the Gospel of John, Tom Wright shows how Christianity points us to a compelling explanation for the world, and for our role and reponsibility within it.
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ISBN: 9780281084937
  • Author WRIGHT, TOM
  • Pub Date 06/10/2020
  • Binding Hardback
  • Pages 216
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Justice, Love, Spirituality, Beauty, Freedom, Truth and Power. These are ideals that we all strive for, yet so often we find ourselves falling short. Why is that?

In this deeply insightful meditation, Tom Wright looks to the Gospel of John for answers. With his characteristic wisdom, he shows how John can help us to see not only why we strive for these ideals, or 'signposts', but also why we so often experience them as broken. He also shows how Christianity provides us with the vision and resources for engaging with the questions posed by each signpost, pointing to a clear and compelling explanation of the world, and of our role and responsibility within it.