Candle Bible For Toddlers

The popular Candle Bible for Toddlers just got more colourful in this updated edition of Juliet Davids' treasured retelling of stories from the Bible
Publisher: UNKNOWN: 178128
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ISBN: 9781781284186
  • Author DAVID, JULIET
  • Pub Date 22/10/2021
  • Binding Hardback
  • Pages 400
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Updated with bolder and more vibrant illustrations to engage and give a new lease of life to a popular Toddler Bible.

An excellent way to introduce classic Bible stories to your toddler and for using in church toddler groups. Each story is retold using clear and simple language, supported by refreshed, exciting and colourful illustrations by Helen Prole. This Bible covers 65 favourite stories from Old and New Testaments, with only two to three lines of text per page, and Scripture references throughout.

You'll soon discover why the Candle Bible for Toddlers has become a favourite on family bookshelves all over the world.