Candle Youth Bible: Explore 90 Passages From The Nlt Holy Bible (anglicized)

A Bible for Youth with biblical extracts and commentary that highlights the drama of the unfolding story of the Bible in Christ.
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ISBN: 9781781284629
  • Pub Date 18/01/2024
  • Binding Hardback
  • Pages 280
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An accessible Youth Bible to support young people wondering how to begin reading a Bible translation and how the stories through the Old Testament and New Testaments link together.

The Candle Youth Bible provides an ideal introduction to accessing and understanding the entire story of the Bible. When viewed as a whole, the Bible is a wonderful story full of images and drama. 90 key Bible events are featured that show how the Bible's story unfolds and is connected, conveying how the Gospel of Christ and the Kingdom of God binds all of Scripture together.

Each carefully selected story is retold with Bible verses from the NLT translation with supporting information about the theme, setting, characters, and key plot outlines of each passage.

- The theme helps the reader connect with the key truths of the passage and what is of concern and importance.
- The setting informs about where the story takes place and the culture and history of that time. The characters are described, their thoughts and attitudes, and their influence and effect on others through the passage.
- The key plot points inform about the order and details of the events and actions, and highlight the conflicts with God, with others, or within the characters.
- The passages and beautiful images link the stories of the Bible together pointing forward or back to other events.
- The reflection space encourages readers to consider what stands out in the passage and how the story may connect and relate to a specific life situation and today's world.
- The stories are structured through the church worship cycle, increasing biblical literacy through engagement and accessible information.

The Candle Youth Bible is based on the resources by TUMI, a ministry of World Impact. It can be used by a young person on their own or as an engaging and practical resource for youth groups and RE lessons in schools.