Chastity: Reconciliation Of The Senses

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ISBN: 9781399411417
  • Author VARDEN, FR ERIK
  • Pub Date 12/10/2023
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 176
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The word 'chastity', at first sight, may seem intimidating, something to be dismissed out of hand. It is, however, something very different to celibacy.

At a time when religion is in decline in the Western world and when it often seems that the senses have run riot, Erik Varden shows that chastity, the single minded direction of the senses, is a loveable quality and one that affects and beautifies humankind.

The terms sexuality and wholeness indicate that to be sexual is to exist in a state of incompleteness longing to be restored. Wholeness points to a healing embrace that we desire so greatly. In Biblical language, chastity is a function of simplicity of sight. We are no longer torn apart by our passions and our desires, indeed they may reach their fulfilment. Body and spirit, male and female, order and disorder, passion and death can move from creative tension to a new kind of wholeness.

Varden's text is enriched by a wide range of references to scripture, literature, music, painting and sculpture.