Come With Me To Kathmandu: 12 Powerful Stories Of Women's Courageous Faith In Nepal

Meet twelve incredible women from Nepal whose lives have been transformed by God.
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ISBN: 9781788932486
  • Pub Date 03/03/2023
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 240
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Nepali women are among the most dispossessed and downtrodden in the world. Thanks to traditional customs and religious rituals, many face ordeals unimaginable to those living in the developed world.

Anna Townsend invites you to meet twelve women and discover their astounding stories. Among them is Kopisha, whose infant daughter died due to the neglect of her own family, Suki, the mother of a human trafficking victim, and Maria, forced to marry her rapist.

Poignant, shocking, but ultimately inspirational, you will be encouraged to see how God is at work in these women, changing their lives and giving them a more hopeful future.

Content Benefits:
These poignant stories will open your eyes to the plight of women in Nepal, but also encourage you to see that God is moving around the world and that his church is growing.

* Includes 12 personal stories of Nepali women, interviewed by Anna
* Offers an understanding of the cultural context of these stories
* Includes anecdotes of Anna's own experience of living in Kathmandu
* Will help you see what life is like for women living in Nepal
* Has the power to change hearts and minds towards the injustices still facing women in the world today
* Vividly evokes the sights and sounds of modern-day Kathmandu
* An insight into how God is still at work in the world
* Perfect for anyone who loves to hear stories of God at work
* Suitable for readers who love testimonies and faith-inspiring stories
* An inspirational gift idea for any occasion