Common Worship Lectionary: A Scripture Commentary (Year A)

The focus of this volume is on giving the most up-to-date scholarship in the form of a commentary of about one page on each reading. This is designed to give students and preachers a secure understanding of the Biblical background, rather than giving preaching tips.
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ISBN: 9780281053254
  • Pub Date 24/08/2001
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 304
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Since the Common Worship Lectionary first came into use, many short preaching aids have been published. They have ranged from brief notes to almost complete sermons. This new companion offers an understanding of some points of significance in each lection for every Sunday and for other major days. It combines the latest scholarship with the conviction that the text should address today's world, squarely facing up to the difficulties that some passages may present to modern congregations. It does not aim to provide a substitute for sermon preparation, but to stimulate reflection among those engaged in this work. This is a serious academic commentary on the readings, by scholars who are also aware of the demands and purposes of preaching. The book provides the academic background knowledge essential for interpreting the texts; does not shirk difficult questions; stimulates the prospective preacher to see new ways of reading the text; covers the Anglican variations not dealt with in American commentaries.