Edwj Daily Devotion For Personal Revival: A One Year Discipleship Programme From Selwyn Hughes

Publisher: UNKNOWN: 978178951
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ISBN: 9781789515244
  • Pub Date 04/12/2023
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 380
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This one year collection contains six classic, specially selected themes from Every Day with Jesus to encourage you in your Christian walk. Inside are 366 undated daily readings and prayers, along with suggestions for further study and discussion.

The Nature of the Spiritual Life - What does movement towards God 'look like' and how can we, each day, take one more step towards Christlike maturity?

Complete in Christ - Examine Paul's letter to the Colossians and ask 'Does Jesus have pre-eminence in your life?'

The Promised Holy Spirit - 'How dependent are you on the counsel of the Holy Spirit?' If you move towards Him in faith, He will move to give you all you need.

Wisdom for Living - discover how the book of Proverbs introduces us to the only wisdom that will make our lives work - God's wisdom.

His Story - Our Story - a journey through the pages of God's written story, the Bible, where we see a storyline unfolding in which we all play a part.

Revealed by Name - a look through the Old Testament, looking at the names God used to reveal His character to His people.