Evidence For Jesus: Timeless Answers For Tough Questions About Christ

Evidence for Jesus, from Josh and Sean McDowell, provides answers to tough questions about the life, ministry, and divinity of Jesus. Written in a handy and readable format, it offers quick insights about Christ to refute combative skeptics, encourage curious seekers, and alleviate nagging doubts in the minds of brand new or lifelong Christians.
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ISBN: 9780310124245
  • Pub Date 11/05/2023
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 256
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Quick answers to tough questions about Jesus' life, ministry, and divinity.

Is there archeological proof that Jesus existed? Did Jesus ever actually claim to be God? Is Jesus really the only way? There's a good chance that every Christian will be asked tough questions like these at some point in their lives, whether from combative skeptics, curious seekers, or even doubts in their own minds.

To help followers of Christ answer questions quickly and confidently, Josh and Sean McDowell adapted the wisdom from their apologetics classic Evidence That Demands a Verdict into an accessible resource that provides answers to common questions about Jesus.

Evidence for Jesus answers these questions and more:

Is there evidence that Jesus was real?
Did Jesus ever actually claim to be God?
What makes Jesus unique from other religious figures?
Is Christianity a copycat religion?
What does the Old Testament teach about the coming Messiah?
Did Jesus really rise from the dead?
Why does the resurrection of Jesus matter?

Evidence for Jesus will equip brand new believers and lifelong Christians alike with time-tested rebuttals to defend their faith in Jesus against even the harshest critics.