Finding the Peacemakers: A journey of faith from the mines of Chile to the deserts of the Middle East

Debut travel writer Dan Morrice shares his journey across the world to meet people of faith who are forging peace in severe environments. He meets miners in Chile, Syrian refugees in Europe, and Palestinian Christians in the Middle East. This is a book for those who enjoy the activism of Greta Thunberg and the spiritual curiosity of Russell Brand.
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ISBN: 9781529358186
  • Author MORRICE, DAN
  • Pub Date 25/02/2021
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 320
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'Dan's book demonstrates that the future will belong to the peacemakers - the true heroes among us.' - Bear Grylls

When thirty-three Chilean miners stepped into the light, alive and well, after sixty-nine days entombed in the earth, the world experienced a rare treat - some good news. Was this an anomaly, or are there other untapped glimmers of hope, hidden behind the headlines?

Armed with a camera, a notebook, and a perilous sense of curiosity, Dan Morrice embarks upon a global journey to meet the peacemakers - unsung heroes, forging peace in extreme environments, from war-torn nations to disaster zones.

From Chilean miners to Syrian refugees, from ex-football hooligans in Britain, to revolutionaries in Israel-Palestine, Dan discovers how the most unlikely people are rediscovering Christian faith and rewriting the fractured history of our time. At the apex of his journey, Dan's interviews lead him on a five-hundred-mile walk across the Negev Desert to find their source of hope first-hand.

In a generation tired of divided nations and negative news, Finding the Peacemakers tells the unreported story of a global movement overcoming the odds to build peace in troubled times.

'One of the most inspiring books I have read for many years.' - Baroness Caroline Cox