God Has No Favourites: York Courses

God Has No Favourites is the latest in the highly popular series of open-minded York Courses for discussion groups and individual reflection, crammed with questions to stimulate thought and lively debate
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ISBN: 9781909107380
  • Pub Date 31/01/2022
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God Has No Favourites is the York Course written for Lent 2022 by Dr Carmody Grey.

In this 5 session course Dr Grey explores how each of us is called to discover that God is completely inclusive. He does not apportion his welcome or love according to our prejudices or preferences. God Has No Favourites, because God favours everyone.

Every single human being, whatever age, sex, class, race or religion is in God's image. Jesus has identified himself personally with each one of us, God's love and the power of the Holy Spirit is for everyone, no caveats.

As with previous Lent York Courses, the standard study book is supported by an in-depth interview, covering all 5 sessions between Dr Carmody Grey and Simon Stanley available on CD, as a Digital Download or as a transcript in either paperback or eBook.

This York Course is available in the following formats
Course Book (Paperback 9781909107335)
Course Book (eBook 9781909107366 both ePub and Mobi files provided)
Audio Book of Interview to support God Has No Favourites York Course (CD 9781909107373)
Audio Book of Interview (Digital Download)
Transcript of interview to support God Has No Favourites York Course (Paperback 9781909107342)
Transcript of interview (eBook 9781909107359 both ePub and Mobi files provided)
Book Pack (9781909107380 Featuring Paperback Course Book, Audio Book on CD and Paperback Transcript of Interview)

SESSION 1: The best picture of God
God's favour is not dependent on anything we are or anything we do. His acceptance is unconditional. If we want to know what God 'looks like', we simply need to look at one another.

SESSION 2: Neither Jew nor Gentile
In Christ, God is telling us the most important thing about himself: he leaves no-one out. Being willing to include everybody is the only rule for those who want to be with Jesus. God is love and, in Christ, humanity is one.

SESSION 3: Neither male nor female
The most profound human difference is that created by our gendered bodies. But even this important difference is superficial compared to the deepest and truest identity of each one of us; through Christ we see that we are all children of God; all heirs to the kingdom of heaven.

SESSION 4: Neither slave nor free
Our world is grossly, torturously unequal, and before Christ came, no-one expected or looked for anything different. Jesus scandalized those around him by acting as though every human being mattered. We are to follow him to the margins.

SESSION 5: What is a Christian?
Jesus did not come to found a religion: he came to give people life. When he wanted his followers to understand his identity and purpose, he didn't give them a theory or explain an idea, he shared a meal with them.