God Isn't Finished With You Yet: Life Lessons On Not Giving Up

Five Bible stories of people facing difficult situations vividly retold to show us that God doesn't give up on us
Publisher: IVP
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ISBN: 9781789744224
  • Pub Date 22/09/2022
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 192
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When life is tough and we seem to have reached a dead end, it's easy to feel as if God has given up on us.

We're not alone in feeling like this. Catherine Campbell vividly retells the stories of real people from the Bible with difficult and sometimes painful lives, who struggled to see God's path for them.

Abigail was trapped in marriage to a fool.
John Mark ran away from his friends.
The Samaritan woman faced shame in the society of her day.
Judah sinned against Tamar and Joseph.
Simeon and Anna had the challenges of old age.

But God hadn't finished with any of them.

With Life Lessons reflections to encourage us to respond biblically to our own life circumstances, and questions for personal reflection or group discussion, Catherine Campbell helps us see what the Bible tells us - God isn't finished with you yet!