Godparent Card 2024: Pack Of 50

A non-denominational product for Christian baptism services featuring a Godparent card.
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ISBN: 9780281089963
  • Author SPCK
  • Pub Date 07/05/2024
  • Pages 50
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A6 in size, with a fresh, contemporary look, these cards are designed to be awarded to a new Godparent and include a declaration and summary of a godparent's duties.

Text: "My Christian responsibility as a godparent means that I should

- pray regularly for my godchild
- set an example of Christian living
- help them to grow in the faith of God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, in which they were baptized
- give them every encouragement to follow Christ and fight against evil
- help them to look forward to their confirmation

If you are looking for Godparent cards, this option will help you celebrate the joy of the day.

Pack of 50.