Good News Family Edition

Following the success of the award-winning Good News Bible - Youth Edition, Bible Society has worked in partnership with Youth for Christ again to publish an innovative and engaging Bible for the whole family to read together.
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ISBN: 9780564081776
  • Pub Date 07/10/2021
  • Binding Hardback
  • Pages 1328
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Key features:

* Unique landscape page layout that encourages family engagement around the Bible
* Over 400 interactions throughout, based on the themes of Think, Chat, Do, Create and Watch
* Removable and reusable 'whiteboard' jacket, for writing, drawing and being creative
* Loads of space inside for writing, doodling and drawing
* 25 online videos that help guide, support and unpack the tricky bits as you journey through the Bible
* An online community of Family Bible users, where you can share ideas, stories and offer each other support
* Regular new content that can be downloaded or printed for free, with content based on feedback and suggestions from active users of the Bible