Heroes of the Faith

For two thousand years billions of people have followed Jesus Christ. This volume of fifty men and women - scientists, writers, preachers, missionaries, abolitionists and evangelists - are J.John's Heroes of the Faith. Heroes of the Faith is a coffee-table book bursting with beautiful imagery and captivating stories. This is a book to savour.
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ISBN: 9781912326181
  • Author JOHN, J.
  • Pub Date 06/09/2022
  • Binding Hardback
  • Pages 220
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One doctor developed the world's first vaccine.
One civil rights activist helped to end racial segregation in the USA.
One watchmaker saved the lives of 800 Jews and refugees during World War Two.
One linguist opened a centre for young widows and saw revival spread across India.
One former slave escorted 300 others to freedom.
One pastor saw a revival in his church which sparked the birth of Pentecostalism.

Faith. Love. Generosity. Sacrifice. Perseverance.