Holding Onto Hope: 40 Days Of God's Encouragement Through Art And Reflections

Amy Boucher Pye and Leo Boucher return with 40 reflections on vivid biblical images of hope and new life, accompanied by compelling watercolour illustrations
Publisher: UNKNOWN: 978180039
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ISBN: 9781800392007
  • Pub Date 17/11/2023
  • Binding Hardback
  • Pages 200
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A 40-day journey exploring the themes of hope and new life through vivid biblical images, Holding onto Hope can be used through Lent or during any 40-day period.

We start with how all creation praises God, from the flowers of the field to the streams in the desert and the trees clapping their hands. We then explore the agricultural pattern of sowing, growing and harvesting before moving to the gracious promises and invitations God makes to his people, such as how he writes eternity onto our hearts. Next come compelling images of God as our help and refuge, including God being our shade and rear guard, before seeing how God changes his people - he clothes us, renews our minds and strengthens us. Finally, we focus on our new life in Christ through images such as new wineskins, the imperishable seed and the city to come.