Imagine: A Vision for Christians and the Arts

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ISBN: 9780851115559
  • Author TURNER, STEVE
  • Pub Date 01/06/2001
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 160
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Can Christian artists tough it out in the real world? Or can Christian art only survive when unchallenged, in the cordoned off enclave of the Christian subculture? If our music, writing, theatre, painting, artistic expression is insipid and uninspiring, how great is the God who allows it to represent him? How exciting is the life that seems to prefer drabness to colour, shallowness to complexity, security to risk?
The world of the arts and media is where ideas are rehearsed and values are tested. And yet the Christian presence in that world is insignificant, and the church has not always been supportive. Are we fearful of opening ourselves to its influence, or are Christian artists too often swallowed up by the world where they seek to be salt and light?
Steve Turner urges us to develop ways of being out there, of thinking rigorously but christianly, of finding a voice, of achieving an integrity in our artistic expression while maintaining a true spiritual integrity. Only then can our art naturally and inevitably speak of the hope that we have.