Introduction To Medieval Theology

The best introduction to medieval theology from the time of St Augustine to the 14th century, in an expanded, 2nd edition. This volume invites us to think along with major theologians and spiritual authors in order to understand how pre-modern thought can enrich and challenge us in a (post-)modern context.
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ISBN: 9781108813341
  • Pub Date 24/03/2022
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 330
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This classic book, now in a second, expanded edition, is an invitation to think along with major theologians and spiritual authors, men and women from the time of St Augustine to the end of the fourteenth century, who profoundly challenge our (post-)modern assumptions. Medieval theology was radically theocentric, Trinitarian, Scriptural, and sacramental, yet it also operated with a rich notion of human understanding. In a post-modern setting, when modern views on 'autonomous reason' are increasingly questioned, it is fruitful to re-engage with pre-modern thinkers who did not share our modern and post-modern presuppositions. Their different perspective does not antiquate their thought; on the contrary, it makes them profoundly challenging and enriching for theology today. This survey introduces readers to key theologians of the period and explores themes of the relationship between faith and reason; the mystery of the Trinity; soteriology; Christian love; and the transcendent thrust of medieval thought.