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ISBN: 9780851119830
  • Pub Date 21/09/2001
  • Binding Hardback
  • Pages 514
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Timothy Dudley-Smith's authorised biography continues the story begun in 'John Stott: the making of a leader'. This second volume encompasses the last forty years of the twentieth century. It begins in 1960 when John Stott, the established Rector of All Souls Church, author of several books, and already something of a world traveller, had clearly emerged as a widely respected evangelical leader of energy and vision.
'John Stott: a global ministry' recounts the extraordinary growth of his worldwide ministry. In Britain he was the chief architect of NEAC, the National Evangelical Anglican Congress, in 1967 and 1977. In Montreux, Berlin and Amsterdam he worked with Billy Graham especially in shaping the momentous Lausanne vision for world evangelisation. Travelling from continent to continent, with a particular concern for Christian students and pastors in the developing world, he spoke, preached and lectured tirelessly on mission, evangelism and social concern. In growing demand as a biblical expositor, his experience of teaching in different cultures and countries, often by interpretation, was invaluable in guiding 'The Bible Speaks Today' series. His call for a contemporary biblical discipleship and the development of a Christian mind, not least through the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity, became a hallmark of his teaching through the decades of the 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s, skilfully chronicled in this highly readable biography.
Creative conflict and drama are ever present, as John Stott is found in dialogue, debate and dispute not only with unbelievers, but with outstanding liberals, charismatics, Anglo-Catholics, Roman Catholics, and fellow evangelicals; with Dr Martyn Lloyd Jones and with Bishop Jack Spong; responding to Honest to God, to Bishop David Jenkins, to ARCIC and its Agreed Statements, and to The Myth of God Incarnate.