James 30 Day Devotional

This book talks about the key message that James preached, that faith works if lived out knowing that God's grace is within us for every life's purpose.
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ISBN: 9781783595235
  • Pub Date 16/03/2017
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 112
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As leader of the Jerusalem church, what words of encouragement would James write to these persecuted Christians? Perhaps a little surprisingly, his key message was: faith works. Genuine belief inevitably transforms our speech, suffering, compassion for the poor, humility, prayers, priorities, and, frankly, every other aspect of life. In 5 chapters James introduces and briefly touches upon a whole variety of issues that concern the new believers. In a simple, forthright style he urges them to live out their faith, knowing that God's grace is sufficient for every trial and that there is a value and purpose to their suffering. James' own life illustrated this message. He had grown up with Jesus and was naturally skeptical about his brother's Messianic claims. But a post-resurrection encounter with Jesus revolutionized his life. He was transformed from a vocal critic into a key leader of the early church and prime mover in the Jerusalem Council (Acts 15).