Jerusalem: Biblical Archaeology: A Carta Map

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ISBN: 9789652208743
  • Pub Date 31/12/2016
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No place on earth is richer in ancient remains and relics than The Holy City of Jerusalem. Hardly a day goes by without another discovery being made that reveals yet another historical link to Western heritage, culture and religion. This state-of-the-art map, covering the whole of modern Jerusalem with special emphasis on the Old City and adjoining areas, is the first-ever attempt to document, in great detail, the amazing discoveries of sites and remains related to biblical times and themes. Here, for the first time ever, Carta Jerusalem has assembled this fascinating display as a detailed recording and tapestry of Jerusalem's rich past in today's setting. An eye-opening presentation, this map of biblical Jerusalem provides a fascinating overview of millennia of biblical and ancient history. As an additional benefit of this unique depiction, finds from later periods are also listed.