Jesus' Alternative Plan: The Sermon On The Mount

One of the world's great spiritual teachers offers a new proclamation of the power of the cross to transform human history
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ISBN: 9780281089284
  • Author ROHR, RICHARD
  • Pub Date 16/02/2023
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 208
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When he talked about the Kingdom of God, Jesus was speaking about an utterly different way of relating to human society as we know it. He lays out a blueprint for this new life in his best-known teaching, the Sermon on the Mount. From the Beatitudes onward, the Sermon on the Mount overturns conventional wisdom and traditional power structures, offering a plan for an alternative way of being.

Richard Rohr explores the implications of this vision in Jesus' Alternative Plan. Going through the teachings of the sermon, he explains the historical and cultural context of each verse, and offers guidance for what the sermon means for Christians today. The result is a clear, yet challenging look at the alternative plan laid out by Jesus for all to see.

This updated edition of Jesus' Plan for a New World will inspire Christians who long for a transformative understanding of Jesus' teachings as they seek the true heart of their faith.