Journeying With God In The Wilderness: A 40 Day Lent Devotional Through The Book Of Numbers

With daily readings from the book of Numbers and the New Testament, this illuminating Lent devotional will help you journey with God through wilderness times.
Publisher: IVP
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ISBN: 9781789744651
  • Pub Date 16/11/2023
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 160
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Is there hope to be found in the wilderness?

Jesus' forty days in the wilderness, which many Christians remember during Lent, echoes the story of God's people wandering for forty years in the wilderness. The book of Numbers tells of these wanderings but can be a difficult book of the Bible to get to grips with. Delving into this book alongside the New Testament and reflecting with prayers and questions, this daily Lent devotional explores how the Israelites' wilderness journey can speak to us in our daily struggles and challenges today.

Through all the ups-and-downs of their wilderness adventure, we join with God's people as they learn to see the sure and certain fulfilment of God's future promises in the book of Numbers. We discover God's abiding presence through, as well as in, the wilderness. We see how the wilderness points us forward to the Promised Land, and to Jesus as the One who brings us into the fulness of God's promises.

With readings from Numbers and from the New Testament each day, Journeying with God in the Wilderness guides us through an often-neglected book of the Bible, helping us to make sense of the Old Testament through the lens of the New and giving us Christ-centred hope.

Journeying with God in the Wilderness is written as an aide to the spiritual journey of faith and can be read either individually or in small groups. It will encourage and inspire anyone feeling lost or bewildered on life's journey, or who wants to join in with the long Christian tradition of Lent as a wilderness experience, by showing them the fulfilment of the promises of God to his people in the wilderness.

Join Mark Broadway this Lent and find hope for your wilderness journey.