Lent In 50 Moments: Fifty daily reflections from Ash Wednesday to Easter Wednesday

Publisher: DLT
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ISBN: 9781913657321
  • Author KELLY, LIAM
  • Pub Date 26/11/2021
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 160
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Lent in 50 Moments comprises meditations on fifty daily moments - ideas, objects, or happenings frozen in time - offered as signposts and guidance for our Lenten journey.

The moments have been chosen by Liam Kelly, who has written a reflection for every day, and a question for prayerful response. He has also chosen a quotation to prompt further thought, and provides biblical references for each day's readings at Mass in the Catholic Church. Each of the fifty moments has been skilfully illustrated by artist Ted Harrison.

The book as a whole provides a unique, stimulating and visually memorable companion for faith and reflection during Lent and Eastertide