Lighting The Beacons: Kindling The Flame Of Faith In Our Hearts

Bishop Jill Duff's long-awaited volume, based on her hugely influential talks, asks, what does it look like to have a faith that transforms society?
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ISBN: 9780281087778
  • Author DUFF, JILL
  • Pub Date 23/02/2023
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 224
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What if those moments we put down to coincidence are really the calling cards of God? What if those pinpricks of light in the darkest places are beacons to guide us, telling of the agonizing love in God's heart? What if God is calling to us, 'I miss you, please come home' ?

Lighting the Beacons seeks to expand our everyday horizons by daring us to believe that the realities of heaven can break through right here, right now.

Inspired by her own recurring vision of pinpricks of light being fanned into flame, Bishop Jill writes for a wide audience to kindle faith in our hearts, to light beacons. Highlighting stories from contemporary culture, Scripture and the writings of the saints, Lighting The Beacons seeks to encourage those who are curious about the Christian faith, those who feel discouraged and those aspiring to be giants of faith and part of a transformed society.

An excellent gift for those who yearn to be transformed by God. With study guides at the end of each chapter, it is also ideal book for group discussion.