Love Means Love: Same-sex Relationships and the Bible

Explores how someone for whom the Bible is central can hold an including view of same-sex relationships and marriage on the basis of the biblical text.
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ISBN: 9780281084418
  • Pub Date 18/06/2020
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 160
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Does the Bible really condemn same-sex relationships?

Many Christians wrestle with this question. Here, in his compassionate, cogent book, David Runcorn outlines how someone can support same-sex relationships on the basis of the Bible, not in spite of it.

The Church, in every time and place, finds itself working out the shock and surprise of God's unfolding ways - often scandalized by where holiness, goodness and the life of God are to be found.

Runcorn's insightful and moving reflections show how speaking in gospel friendship will help to dispel the anxiety and division that have tended to mark the Church's response to homosexuality. Covering sexual abstinence and celibacy, sexuality and the sacred, he leads us to one powerful conclusion: love means love.

'Brim-full of gentle and clear wisdom. Highly recommended!'
PAUL BAYES, Bishop of Liverpool

'Joyful, truthful, scandalously inclusive . . . This book will literally save lives. It opens the door of grace and beckons you in.'
NICK BUNDOCK, Rector of St James and Emmanuel, Didsbury

'Liberates us to read our beloved Bible with faithfulness, both to the text and to the fruit of Christ we often see in LGBT+ lives. For a good number of us, it will be met with a cry of "at last!"'.
JODY STOWELL, Vicar of St Michael's Harrow and Chair of London Clergy