Martin Luther's Bible: Perspectives On A Rich Legacy

An exploration of Martin Luther's multifaceted impact on the translation, interpretation and use of scripture, on the 500th anniversary of the September Testament
Publisher: CLARKE, J
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ISBN: 9780227179185
  • Pub Date 29/08/2024
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 192
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Martin Luther's 1522 September Testament marked a watershed in Bible translation, making Scripture available to ordinary German people in their own tongue and sparking similar efforts across Europe. Building on the nascent trend of vernacular Bible translations in the early sixteenth century, Luther's translation quickly became definitive linguistically, theologically and culturally, especially once the complete Bible was published in 1534, with production of New Testaments and Bibles in French, English and other languages keeping pace. Luther and his associates constantly revised and improved their methodology for translation and interpretation over a quarter-century of Bible publishing - efforts that helped shape Bible translation, reading and exegesis, for scholars and ordinary Christians alike, well beyond his lifetime.
Martin Luther's Bible commemorates the September Testament, exploring the Wittenberg Bible project in its context and tracing aspects of its legacy in Europe and the wider world, from the sixteenth century to the present day. Essays from a range of leading experts draw upon the 2022 Martin Luther: Bible Translator, Illustrator and Publisher International Conference held at Union Theological College, Belfast. Together, they provide critical new insights into the linguistic, hermeneutical and theological history and influence of this landmark text.