Meeting Christ In The Garden: A Devotional Of Classic Writings On The Song Of Songs

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ISBN: 9781527110151
  • Author CHESTER, TIM
  • Pub Date 12/09/2023
  • Binding Hardback
  • Pages 296
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90-day undated devotional of readings from classic authors throughout church history - Gregory the Great, Richard Sibbes, Hudson Taylor, Charles Spurgeon

The Song of Songs paints in our imaginations a physical place where we may spend time with Christ and enjoy his love. The language of human love is intended to evoke an experience of divine love and inspire in us a response of love. It channels our desires to their true end, our Creator and Redeemer.

In this 90-day undated devotional Tim Chester has curated a selection of writings from classic authors such as Gregory the Great, Richard Sibbes, Hudson Taylor, Charles Spurgeon, and many others,

that will help readers to know Christ's love better.

Spend 90 days in the company of these heroes of the faith and pin your affection on the one who is their Bridegroom and yours. There is commentary on each verse of the Song, with perspectives from a couple of different authors on some verses. Chester has included a thought-provoking question with each reading to help you apply it to your own heart.