New Daily Study Bible Full Set

The full set of 17 volumes of New Testament commentaries by world-renowned Bible commentator, William Barclay. Loved by millions around the world, this New Daily Study Bible series covers the entire New Testament in thrilling style and breaks down the barriers between then and now.
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ISBN: 9780715208168
  • Pub Date 08/10/2007
  • Binding Paperback
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This is the full set of 17 volumes of commentaries on the New Testament by world-renowned Bible commentator, William Barclay. The whole New Testament is covered by this very special series,.Loved by millions across the globe, Barclay's Daily Study Bible series is ideal for all who want to get to know and understand the Bible.

William Barclay is one of the very few to have written a commentary on the whole New Testament. Uniquely, he breaks down the barriers to the ancient past, enabling the modern reader to understand fully what was really said in the New Testament. Familiar stories are given a startling twist that many readers say they find thrilling because they are brought face-to-face with the characters and the action. Another reason for their thrilling impact is that people are inspired by a truly great writer. With his wonderful communication skills and down-to-earth enthusiasm, William Barclay brings hidden details into full view, enriching our appreciation of the entire New Testament and changing and deepening the meanings of many well-known stories.