No Sacrifice Too Great: Ct Studd: From Cricket Field To Mission Field

This biography of the life of CT Studd describes God's call to his missionary work in China, India and Africa. Gordon Pettie courageously explores CT's character, the challenges he faced and the extraordinary work he established through WEC.
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ISBN: 9781852408589
  • Pub Date 28/06/2022
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 304
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CT Studd had it all: a life of privilege and wealth; the fame of being best all-round cricketer in the country; member of the England cricket team that won the first Ashes in Australia.
He gave it all up to bring change to the world through humble obedience to Christ. His legacy today is in China, India and Africa where many live in the blessing of knowing Christ because of CT Studd's sacrificial obedience to God's call. CT Studd is an inspiration to follow Christ, whatever the cost.