Pray Without Ceasing Embroidered Journel

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ISBN: 0195002325814
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    Pray Without Ceasing, a remarkable Christian gift that fuses faith, art, and the joy of journaling. These journals are the latest addition to Pass It On’s unique collection, providing you with a beautiful platform to record your thoughts and prayers.

    With a generous 72-sheet count, these journals offer ample space for your reflections, meditations, and daily musings. Their covers are crafted from sumptuous faux suede, adorned with intricate embroidered artwork and meaningful scripture verses.

    What sets these journals apart is the meticulous artistry that graces their design. The larger elements of the artwork are masterfully embroidered onto the cover, creating a tactile and visually captivating effect. The finer details are thoughtfully printed, ensuring a seamless blend of texture and design.

    Measuring 5.75 inches in width, 8.375 inches in height, and .625 inches in depth, these journals are the perfect size to accompany you on your spiritual journey. They serve as a tangible expression of your faith, a reminder to engage in ceaseless prayer and communion with the Divine.

    “Pray Without Ceasing” – these embroidered words serve as a daily prompt to maintain an open line of communication with the Divine. Whether you gift this journal to a loved one or keep it as a cherished possession, it’s a reminder of the profound power of prayer in your life.

    Every stroke of your pen in this journal is a testament to your faith and an act of devotion. It’s a vessel for your prayers, hopes, and spiritual growth.

    Elevate your journaling experience with our Embroidered Journal – Pray Without Ceasing, where faith and artistry unite in a harmonious celebration of prayer.