Prayers To See You Though Each Day

This beautiful and inspiring volume showcases 40 of the best reflections and prayers from BBC Radio 4's Prayer for the Day series, to providing wisdom, comfort and peace at key moments of each day.
Publisher: UNKNOWN
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ISBN: 9781786780768
  • Author BBC RADIO 4
  • Pub Date 19/10/2017
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 320
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Every day is filled with opportunities for prayer as we ask for help in facing life's inevitable difficulties, or seek ways of expressing our feelings of gratitude, love and joy. This special edition of some of the most moving, inspiring and comforting meditations and prayers broadcast on BBC Radio 4's Prayer for the Day is designed to be a true companion through our daily routine, as we make decisions, overcome challenges and open our hearts to others and to the world's wonder.

In these uncertain and insecure times, these prayers from a broad spectrum of religious traditions show how the faiths are united by a desire to talk with God. And they indicate how, with God's help, our days can be times of healing, belonging, laughter and love, through the ordinary circumstances of our lives.