Prayers on Fire: 365 Days Praying the Psalms

Publisher: UNKNOWN
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ISBN: 9781424553891
  • Pub Date 01/04/2017
  • Binding Hardback
  • Pages 384
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The book of Psalms: Poetry on Fire by The Passion Translation captures the deep emotion and passionate
expression of the psalmist, providing comfort and joy, and leading us to the place where worship flows. These praises placed inside poetry spill out of a fiery passionate heart.

Prayers on Fire includes 365 prayers inspired by this heart-felt translation of the book of Psalms. Each day
contains an excerpt from a psalm and then a prayer from the heart, providing an expression of faith and
worship for sincere worshipers.

Excerpt of a prayer inspired by Psalm 1:2 -
As I'm hidden within your greatness, I discover your eternal purposes. In love and humility I bow before you, my awe-inspiring God. The way you watch over me, infuses me with confidence and courage. I find I can stand on my own two feet again because you are with me. You are my source; I draw life from the waters of your love. Walking step by step with you brings me joy unlike I've ever known. Your Word illuminates my path, and wherever I go, I flourish. No matter the season, I'm blessed-established firmly in you.