Quiet Courage of the Inner Light

What is authentic spirituality, and what noble qualities are needed so that we may stand up for what is truly sacred in today's anxious, divided and often sceptical world?
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ISBN: 9781789043457
  • Author Pegler Philip
  • Pub Date 24/04/2020
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 168
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As it celebrates the true worth of courage, Quiet Courage of the Inner Light faithfully records some keynotes of author Philip Pegler's lifelong spiritual quest. This book reflects upon the joys, hardship and profound lessons to be learnt on the challenging path to the ground of being. At the centre of these reflections resides an essential paradox. It is within the anguished darkness of tragedy or disaster that most often the clear light of fortitude is kindled. And it is within the shadows of doubt or desolation that you may stumble upon a hidden doorway to the deepest reality. It is the dawning of deep understanding concerning our true spiritual identity that paves the way for the discovery of a natural faith, universal in nature and all-embracing in compassion. Here is a book that nurtures such faith by honouring the essence of life, approaching a transcendent mystery through the immanence of all created things.