Say Goodbye To Anxiety: A 40-day Devotional Journal To Overcome Fear And Worry

A 40-day devotional journal that will help you find real and lasting freedom from anxiety.
Publisher: UNKNOWN: 978178893
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ISBN: 9781788933124
  • Pub Date 13/10/2023
  • Binding Hardback
  • Pages 192
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Anxiety has been calling the shots for too long. Enough is enough, it's time to say goodbye.

Elle and Jane get it. Having both suffered with anxiety, they understand how it can impact our daily lives. They also know the difference Jesus can make.

As they honestly share their story, Elle and Jane support and cheer us on as they offer God-given practical tools and strategies to overcome anxiety.

Be encouraged, through these 40 devotional thoughts and journaling reflections, to take daily steps with God's help to move past anxiety and live life to the full.

Content Benefits:
This 40-day devotional journal will provide practical tools to help you drive worry, fear and anxiety out of your life, and replace these negative emotions with truth and confidence.

* 40 days of Bible readings, reflections, prayers, songs and journaling questions
* Journal spacing to record your thoughts
* Provides practical and spiritual tools to overcome anxiety
* Say goodbye to anxiety and hello to joy
* Discover the hope and peace that Jesus can bring
* Encourages you to speak out biblical truths over your life
* Develop your true potential by breaking free from the chains of worry and fear
* Authors have personal experience with anxiety
* Ideal for anyone wanting to break free from anxious thoughts
* Perfect gift book to encourage anyone suffering from anxiety