Shaping Of A Soul, The: A Life Taken By Surprise

A fascinating account of his life by one of the outstanding Bishops of our time. Highly relevant, culturally and spiritually, to our secular society.
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ISBN: 9781803411620
  • Pub Date 31/03/2023
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 256
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Richard Harries was serving as a soldier in Germany when he suddenly had an overwhelming sense that God was calling him to be ordained. He had virtually no religious background, but like Martin Luther, he could do no other. The Shaping of a Soul is the story of a man who has engaged in some of the major issues of our time and who, for fifty years, has been a much loved voice on 'Thought for the Day' in the Today programme. Bishop of Oxford from 1987 to 2006, Harries was made a Life Peer on his retirement and remains active in the House of Lords as Lord Harries of Pentregarth. In a life repeatedly taken by surprise, he tells how he is still able to retain his faith even in our present highly secular and sceptical society.