Suppression And Suspicion

The eagerly awaited new medieval murder mystery in Mel Starr's bestselling series
Publisher: UNKNOWN: 178264
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ISBN: 9781782643548
  • Author STARR, MEL
  • Pub Date 23/09/2022
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 240
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Edmund Harkins has gone missing.

Few would confess to liking the man - a wife-beater and distinctly unsavoury character - so when some hungry pigs disinter his corpse in a shallow grave, there is hardly an outpouring of grief.

However, this intensifies the problem Sir Hugh faces: as bailiff of Bampton it is his duty to discover who has slain Edmund. But if he does, he will earn the enmity of villagers who are pleased the scoundrel is dead, and who knows what repercussions might follow?

To further complicate Hugh's life, the Bishop of Exeter has sent a new vicar to Bampton, his nephew, who behaves in an obnoxious manner to Lady Katherine's maid, and seems obsessed with discovering any heretical views Hugh might hold. The vicar also, it transpires, is contributing to the unhealthy atmosphere of suppression and suspicion that has come to pervade the village . . .