The Beatitudes: Eight reflections exploring the counter-cultural words of Jesus in Matthew 5

Dive into eight interactive bible studies for group and individual use that help you discover the beauty of living out Jesus's beatitudes in everyday life. The Beatitudes by Beatrice Smith is the official workbook for Spring Harvest 2023.
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ISBN: 9780281088140
  • Pub Date 03/04/2023
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 80
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Christians are called to model a way of life that challenges the status quo and infuses the world with hope and possibility - and Jesus teaches us how to do this, not just by his words but by the way he lived.

The Beatitudes features eight interactive Bible studies that dive deeper into the 'beatitudes', a series of teachings given by Jesus during his Sermon on the Mount. Beatrice Smith shows us how we can better apply these important teachings to our lives today.

The Beatitudes includes contributions from a number of theologians and biblical teachers, including Debra Green OBE, Rev Malcolm Duncan, and many more. This interactive workbook is perfect for group and individual study.

It's time to grasp the vision for what is possible when ordinary people catch a glimpse of God's radical call to follow the Lord Jesus and embrace the beautiful attitudes he maps out for living life to the full.