Tales from an Under-Gardener: Finding God in the Garden - 52 Devotions

Publisher: UNKNOWN: 978178893
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ISBN: 9781788932202
  • Pub Date 08/10/2021
  • Binding Hardback
  • Pages 368
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A beautifully illustrated devotional book that looks at what we can learn about God from tending our gardens.

Richard Littledale invites you to push open the garden gate and join him as he discovers the joy of gardening.

A reluctant gardener, Richard took up 'project garden' to help combat the loneliness of bereavement, only to find that the physical transformation of his garden mirrored a real change in himself too. Follow Richard's journey through 52 tales and uncover what gardening can teach us about patience, humility, hope, fruitfulness and the abiding goodness of God. Beautifully illustrated throughout, each tale includes a gardening story, a biblical reflection and a prayer.

Whether you are an enthusiastic beginner or naturally green-fingered, this gentle and encouraging book reveals inspirational thoughts about life and God from the perspective of the gardener.

Content Benefits:
This beautifully illustrated gift book, containing 52 devotions, explores truths that we can learn about life, ourselves and God from tending our gardens.

Each tale has a gardening story, a Bible verse and reflection and a chance to pause and pray
Each gardening tale is written in a conversational and accessible voice
Beautiful line drawings appear throughout the book adding visual appeal
Encourages even reluctant gardeners to see the joy gardening can bring
Helps gardeners see the link between the natural world and God
Enables keen gardeners to see God in their work
Explores the link between gardens and faith
Enables you to spend time listening to God in nature
Ideal resource for quiet times or devotional times
Encourages those who are bereaved to take up gardening as 'ecotherapy' to help deal with grief
Ideal inspirational gift for any green-fingered gardener
Suitable for those just starting out or seasoned gardeners
Hardback cover and internal illustrations make this a perfect gift for anyone who loves gardening
Perfect gift for birthdays, celebrations, and more
Binding - Hardback
Pages - 368
Publisher - Authentic Media