Telling the Bible: Over 100 stories to read out loud

100 stories from the Bible, written to be read aloud.
Publisher: MONARCH
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ISBN: 9780857216717
  • Author HARTMAN, BOB
  • Pub Date 22/05/2015
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 336
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A wonderful way for adults and children to enjoy and discover the Bible's most gripping stories, all retold by a master storyteller. This selection is drawn from both Old and New Testaments. There are stories for individual and group performances, stories for the major Christian festivals, stories for a variety of age groups. They will be remembered long after the service or event in which they featured has slipped from memory. Each story is accompanied by 'telling tips' and followed by discussion questions. Large format and clear type for easy reading. This book is a rich resource, opening up new perspectives on familiar truths and bringing Scripture to life.