The Comprehensive Guide to Apologetics

For every Christian, The Comprehensive Guide to Apologetics delivers well-reasoned answers to complex theological issues, preparing believers to testify for their faith with confidence, intention, and Christlike wisdom.
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ISBN: 9780736985734
  • Author HOLDEN, JOSEPH M.
  • Pub Date 11/01/2022
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 528
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"A must-read for anyone who seeks to share the gospel and defend the faith!"
-Josh McDowell

"Crucial to the next generation of missionaries and apologetic evangelists."
-Norman L. Geisler
In a postmodern, post-truth society, how can we be certain our faith is based on more than our feelings? And how do we answer the complex questions about Christianity posed by skeptics and searchers alike?

The Comprehensive Guide to Apologetics challenges you to understand and defend the tenets of your faith. This informative resource covers topics spanning from the evidence for the Bible's reliability, to the relationship between science and faith, to the comparisons between Christianity and other worldviews. The many contributors to this volume include respected apologists and Bible scholars such as...

Norman L. Geisler
Josh McDowell
Gary R. Habermas
Walter C. Kaiser Jr.
Ron Rhodes
Edwin M. Yamauchi
John Warwick Montgomery
William A. Dembski
Randy Alcorn
Stephen C. Meyer
Randall Price
Ed Hindson

Essential reading for every Christian, The Comprehensive Guide to Apologetics will equip you with the knowledge and confidence to testify for your faith with compassion, intention, and Christlike wisdom.