The Daily Bible (R) (NLT)

Reading through Scripture has never been easier-now you can read the Bible in chronological order! With The Daily Bible (R), experience Scripture like never before. Available for the first time in the New Living Translation-a popular and highly readable translation.
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ISBN: 9780736976121
  • Author SMITH, F. LAGARD
  • Pub Date 03/09/2019
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 1856
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More than 1 Million Copies Sold

Unlike Any Other Bible You Have Read-Now in the Popular New Living Translation!

Want to read the Bible in one year? You can accomplish your goal and experience the Bible like never before.

Reading through God's Word has never been easier. That's because The Daily Bible (R) reorganizes the traditional arrangement of the 66 books in Scripture and places all the text in chronological order.

Uses the text of the best-selling New Living Translation
Divided into easily readable sections that can be completed in one year
Organized chronologically
Includes devotional commentary that provides historical and spiritual insights
Provides clear historical context for a better understanding of Scripture
Proverbs and Ecclesiastes are organized by topic
The Psalms are presented thematically
Harmonized Gospels integrate the life of Christ into one smooth narrative
A chronology of all the major biblical events

The Daily Bible (R) is designed to be read from cover to cover-and understood!