The Message Of Esther: God Present But Unseen

Explore how the reality of God's presence is experienced against a backdrop of His seeming absence in The Message of Esther by David Firth, a revised edition in the Bible Speaks Today series of commentaries.
Publisher: IVP
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ISBN: 9781789744019
  • Pub Date 19/05/2022
  • Binding Paperback
  • Pages 160
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The Book of Esther is one of two books of the Bible to be set entirely outside of the Promised Land, and the only book which does not mention God at all.

In this cogent, readable study, David Firth explores The Message of Esther, to help us better understand this paradoxically important book and its implications for our own contemporary context. With clear insight, he lay out how the reality of God's presence is experienced against a backdrop of God's relative anonymity and seeming absence, and shows us how that speaks into the lives of Christians today.

A revised volume in the trusted Bible Speaks Today series of commentaries, The Message of Esther offers an accessible and thought-provoking exposition of Esther's story, that considers its meaning for both its original audience and for Christians in the twenty-first century.

Used by Bible students and teachers around the world, The Bible Speaks Today commentaries are ideal for students and preachers who want to deepen their understanding of Scripture as it was first written as well as its continued relevance today.

This beautifully redesigned edition has been sensitively updated to include modern references and use the NIV Bible text.
The Message of Esther is perfect for anyone looking for a stimulating, accessible commentary on Esther that will help them apply its lessons to their everyday life.